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Clients, Costs and Contracts


What is the monthly cost of hiring a remote employee?

You can hire a remote employee from Staff Virtual from $495/month to $1,750/month. Offering some of the lowest prices in the industry, you stand to save as much as 80% on overhead and staff costs.


What all is included in the monthly cost to me? If my employee requires additional software then do I send that over or will it be provided by SV?

The quoted monthly price is inclusive of a variety of components that include the cost of hiring the staff, salaries, and the SV services fee, office spaces, HR managements, hardware/software, infrastructure and customer support. The prices quoted to you do not carry any hidden charges.

However, you might be liable to pay additional costs for components that are over and beyond our scope. For eg., in case your employee requires a specific software or hardware that SV does not provide in the package. If specific software is available in our library, then we’ll bill you for the same. Otherwise you can send the specific software to us. As for the hardware, you are more than welcome to send the specific hardware you want your staff to use. The device will be handled with utmost care and its safety ensured.

Will I have to pay for the recruitment services?

No! Not at all. We don’t charge you for the recruitment process. You do not have to pay a penny until you hire a remote employee from SV.


What is your billing cycle?

Staff Virtual operates on a pre-paid model, which means your invoice will be raised before the beginning of each month.


Do you enter an NDA or a non-disclosure agreement at time of the contract?

Absolutely! In the interest of the both parties, we enter into a non-disclosure agreement that we sign with our clients. Also, if the client wishes to, we can also sign on NDA document furnished by the client.


Who would be the owner of the work and the source codes for technical projects completed by my hired employee?

The owner is YOU and will always be YOU! Staff Virtual only provides you with a talented and a professional staff. Once you hire him/her, they report to you, they work for you, they are accountable to you and they are your employee by every standard.

Rest assured, every project they complete, every code they write, every innovation they come up with are legally your intellectual property.


What is your pricing structure and what are then modes of payment do you accept?

The consolidated price structure for a dedicated employee can vary depending on a variety of hiring requirements, such as domain, work model, skill set, and experience and knowledge requisites. We accept payment through credit card, Debit card, Paypal and wire transfers.

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