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About Staff Virtual Employee

How can Staff Virtual(SV) Employee help my business grow?

SV offers a large talent pool of professionals from various domains whom you can hire as a dedicated employee for your business. Unlike a freelancer, SV staff work exclusively for you and you have absolute managerial control over them.

  • Abundant Talent

Take your pick from a wide range of highly talented professionals which suits your domain. From single hiring to team hiring, the choice is entirely yours.

  • Cost-Effective

Pay only for the remote staff you hire and nothing else. No overhead cost and no hidden charges. Get a professional staff at bottom dollar and save up to 60-80% on remote hiring.

  • Available 24/7

No matter which time zone you are in, your remote staff is always there for you. He/She comes with the backing of an entire team, which makes your work keep going like clockwork.

Are you a freelancing company? Would I hire a freelance from you?

No, Staff Virtual is not a freelancing company. We are a remote staffing firm which allows clients to hire dedicated staff on a part-time/full-time basis. You got to hire staff who works exclusively for you from our supervised offices, unlike freelancers. You will always stay in control of your staff, your project and can monitor their work daily.

Does SV hire third-party services for client requirements?

At SV, all the services provided to you are entirely in-house and the staff are on our payroll. We do not hire freelancers or third-party services.


If I am not a technical person, then how will SV select the right fit for my requirements?

You do not need to be technically proficient to work with staff virtual. You give us your job description and we will match you up with the appropriate candidates with skill level, education and experience you desire.

Does SV pay well to the employee I hire as per Indian law?

All employee at SV are paid remuneration packages at par with the industry norms. These are determined based on their experience and current market trends. All remuneration and facilities provided to the employee are fully compliant with the Indian labor laws.

SV also strictly adheres to the Indian labor laws, which explicitly prohibits under-age employment.


How will SV ensure completion of my project?

Unlike freelancers and project management companies, SV provides you with a dedicated virtual staff who works exclusively for you. Just like your in-house employee would. The remote employee isn’t only with you for one project but works for you, reports to you, and is your staff for as long you wish to retain him/her. You can monitor their daily work, will get reports and communicate directly to ensure the deadlines are met without fail.

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