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Hiring, Staff and Models


Can you explain me the interview process?

The interview process at SV is fairly rigorous and is designed to be client-centric. It’s a 6- step process, the breakdown is as such:

  • Share with us your requirements. Feel free to provide as much detail as you want of the staff including experience required, qualification, skill set, domain expertise, shift timings, and job duties. Be sure to give us as many details as possible, so that we select the best candidates as per your requirement.

  • The HR department at SV goes head-hunting for suitable candidates. We carefully search and shortlist the talent exclusively to meet your custom requirements.

  • The shortlisted names are invited for a face-to-face interview at our office.

  • Post-screening, the selected candidates are shared with you, keeping in mind the efficacy of the candidate.

  • You screen through the selected CVs and based on your requirements, you can also administer an assessment test/interview to the candidate in real-time.

  • The last step is the decision-making. You can either hire from the selected pool of candidates. Once you are convinced of your staff, he/she will start working on your project within the same day itself.


Why do I have to prepay or pay in advance?

As per the SV model, you do not hire services from us but experts that work as your dedicated employees. The prepay system allows us to bear the administrative and overhead charges, that include but are not limited to providing your employee an office space, transportation, computer, software, internet ,etc. to ensure his work efficiency.
Staff Virtual is pre-paid monthly services. i.e, the client pays one month in advance for each month of service.


How does it work with Virtual Staff?

Unlike conventional outsourcing services, Staff Virtual provides you with experienced and talented employees, which we like to refer to as remote staffing solutions. Instead of outsourcing your work to us, we enable you to hire the expertise/staff who works remotely for you just like your local employee. The only difference is that they work from our well-supervised offices in India to give the cost advantage of hiring someone at a fraction of what you would pay someone back in your country. It’s much like your own offshore office. 

You can hire staffs on a part-time or full-time basis. We run on a prepaid monthly model where you only have to pay after finalising your staff. You do not have to commit to a time-bound contract as SV offers monthly rolling contracts, which puts you in the driver’s seat with complete control.

You can choose to hire a single staff or an entire team, based on your requirements. Once we get you started with your virtual staff, they are accountable and answerable only to you. As far as daily work is concerned. Furthermore, you can contact them directly via remote communication tools, such as WhatsApp, IMO, Skype, e-mail and phone calls.

Think of this as your own office minus the hassles of setting up and maintaining an office (Infrastructure/hardware/overheads etc) SV takes care of all the overheads, administrative work (insurance, tax, contracts, HR, accounts etc), HR/ payroll and IT/logistics support.


Can I interview the candidates myself over video conferencing and monitor the evaluation test in real-time?

When you decide to hire a staff from SV, rest assured, you’re in control, all the way. Not only do you get to interview the candidate via video conferencing, but you can also monitor the proficiency test in real-time, administered to the candidates.


How long does it take to hire an employee or how soon can we get started?

Your account will be set up instantly and your Virtual Assistant will be allocated to your account the same day or the next business day if the task is urgent. Under normal circumstances we need 5-7 business days to start the service.


Would my employee be a dedicated one or a shared employee?

The hired staff works exclusively for you and report to you directly. There are no middlemen. Every staff understand his/her commitment and accountability towards their virtual employer, thus offering their best service to you.


Will the virtual staff be employed by me or by you?

We take care of the hiring process for your requirements. Hence, the virtual staff will be on our payroll. But that’s the extent of our involvement. Once you hire a staff, he/she will report directly to you and shall be answerable or accountable only to you.


Can I have trial for a short duration just to check your services?

Absolutely, take your pick from a vast roster of professionals and work with them for a week on trial mode. Evaluate their work, compatibility, and only then hire them.


How can I ensure that the right person is hired for the position?

When you hire a virtual staff from SV, satisfaction is a given. At the outset, we provide you with a stack of CVs after getting to detailed understanding of your business and your requirements. Every step from thereon, from the interview to the evaluation test is done under your supervision (If you wish to be a part of it), and only then is the selected candidate assigned to your project.


Can I hire an employee on a part-time basis and later on hire the same employee on a full-time basis?

Absolutely. At SV the choice is always yours. We will never stipulate which staff to hire and for what duration. You can easily switch between part-time and full-time employees as per your business requirement.


How big a team can I make at SV?

That depends entirely on your manpower requirement, whatever be the number you are looking at SV will be more than happy to assist and accommodate.


Can I hire a single employee or a team a time?

Based on your business requirements you can opt to hire one employee or an entire team. Also, you can easily switch between single staff and team at any time.


Would I get an employee working as per my time zone?

At SV, our employees work in overlapping shifts, which ensure that the teams are always manned and ready to be deployed as per your time zone requirement.


How many leaves does SV provide to the staff?

Every employee you hire is entitled to 8 paid holidays in a year. After his/her first month of employment, the employee is credited with one day of paid leave per month. Thus, your employee is entitled to 19 days of paid-leaves in a calendar year.


I require an employee who is proficient in English is this possible?

With the population of 1.3 billion, English the second most commonly used language in India and is the bedrock of cooperate communication across the country and beyond. We take pride in selecting candidate who are not only proficient in the English language (spoken & written), but many of them have nearly mastered the language to perfection. Rest assured, the language barrier does not exist at SV!


How can I ensure that the right person is hired for the position?

We will never tell you who to pick and who not to. At SV, we work on the ethos of ‘choice’, especially when it comes to the client. i.e ‘you’. Before hiring a staff, you have the authority to test or interview the staff yourself, for complete peace of mind. Pay only if you are convinced.


For how long can I hire an Employee?

The choice is entirely yours. There’s no limit to the duration that you can hire a remote employee for. Depending on your requirements, you can hire a dedicated staff or a team for weeks, months and even years. It’s your business. It’s your choice!


My requirements are unique and I want to handpick the right talent for my company. Can I do that?

Browse through the CVs of carefully selected candidates that we send, pick the right one based on your choice, and we’ll align a video/audio interview session accordingly. This will help you evaluate the employee in real-time and make an informed decision.


Since the staff is dedicated, do I need to worry about payroll and taxes?

Not at all. Consider SV as a bridge between yourself and the staff you wish to hire. Every employee who works for you is legally hired and is on the payroll of Staff Virtual

This ensure that you only get the expertise of the employee and none of the baggage! We take care of all the overheads including office space, Hardware/software, administration, supervision, management, customer support, technical support, HR and payroll, etc.

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