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Services, Systems and Supervision


What guarantee does Staff Virtual provide?

At SV, the remote employee you hire works exclusively for you, which means that he/she will report directly to you and you’ll have complete autonomy over the employee, just like you’d have in case of an in-house hiring. The virtual employee will report to you at the start of the shift and will also share a daily activity report (DAR) at the end of each day.

You have complete managerial and operational control over you asset. You can communicate with your employee any time of the day  via WhatsApp, Skype, email or phone and can even use project management tools to keep a holistic overview of his/her  productivity/ performance. SV can help you address your productivity concerns by installing tracking software on the employee’s computer. However, in extreme cases, SV can be requested to intervene in the matter, which mostly relates to replacing the staff.

To ensure time compliance from all SV employees, we register entry and exit timings of each employees. This ensures that the employee can make best use of their time.

Can you provide highly skilled and technical employees?

Absolutely! Our employees in the technical domains are highly experienced and are always in tune with the emerging trends and technologies in the world of computing. This gives the edge of offering a new level of value addition to your business.


Where are the SV offices located and where will my staff be based?

At the moment our office and staffs are located in Kerala, INDIA.


Can you provide an isolated/restricted place where only my employees will work from?

Of course! Your need for privacy is one of our biggest priorities. SV offices are spacious enough to provide your remote employee a dedicated and isolated enclosure, as and when you require. If you need a separate office for your team, then we can arrange the same for you.


Can you provide specific system to my staff for my specific requirement?

Absolutely!  SV can easily provide additional hardware upgrades and new software to your remote employee, per your request. These additions will be over the current configuration as provided under the monthly cost and will be billed accordingly.


What sort of skill sets does SV provide?

We can provide you with an excellent staff for any domain (technical and non-technical), as long as the skill sets are white-collar based, i.e, staff working on a computer.


What data protection measures does SV undertake? 

We take data protection extremely seriously and have in place a zero tolerance policy in the case of even a suspected data breach. The security of our client’s data is our utmost priority.

At your request, we can disable any external devices such as CD-ROM devices, USB ports, printers etc on an employee’s system. We can also install any of your tracking software on your staff’s system which can monitor his/her actions and disable certain actions, such as sending data via email etc.


What is the system configuration you generally provide to the staff?

 At SV, we tend to walk alongside technology and thus equip our employee with the latest hardware and software configurations. However, as per your request or requirement, additional hardware and software can be provided at an additional cost. Our default system configuration is as such;

Desktop computer system with 8GB RAMS – laptops are also available on request

Single Monitor

Internet speed 100 MBPS

Windows or Linux OS as per project requirement

Microsoft Office can also be provided to the employee at an additional cost the client.

Communication software such as Skype, yahoo Messenger, etc.

Headset with mic

Mobile Sim card with internet to use WhatsApp, IMO, etc.


Would SV allow my employee to work from home?

As per our policy, we do not allow our employees to work from home and actively discourage them to do so unless compelled by unforeseen circumstances (e.g. pandemic, natural disasters or employee’s immobility due to an accident or illness etc) In such a situation, we have contingency measures in place as per our business continuity plan and may allow our staff to work from home after taking approval from the client.


How are the employees supervised at your end?

At SV, we explicitly trust our employees as professionals and accountable for their work and actions. However, we do understand and empathize with any concern the client might have in this case with remote employees. Our team lead manages activity of your staff.

We share a Daily Activity Report (DAR) with the client at the end of an employee’s shift. This gives a clear understanding of his/her productivity for the day. Also you have the full liberty of monitoring your remote employee’s performance and tasks via remote tracking software that can be purchased outside our contract.

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